Sunfest Colores de Latinoamérica

By on January 29, 2016

London’s Sunfest Committee celebrates the 10th anniversary of Colores de Latinoamérica – a premier showcase of creative works by some of Canada’s most talented visual artists who were born in, or have immediate family ties to, various Latin American countries. Many of our Colores ’16 exhibitors are truly cosmopolitan figures, who live & work in such cities as Toronto, Montreal and New York, and whose output is prized around the globe.

Our Colores de Latinoamérica 2016 exhibitors are:

This year’s exhibition offers fascinating windows into the worlds of seven highly compelling artists, many of them new generation voices with an interdisciplinary focus.  Come and experience the works of Fiya Bruxa (aka Gilda Monreal), whose belief in art as a tool for social change and community empowerment draws her to the beauty, dignity and perseverance of those who overcome adversity and oppression;  Gina Duque, who is particularly fascinated by the microscopic, leading her to unique explorations of plant life and of the healing body; Lido Pimienta, who engages the politics of gender, race, motherhood and identity; Shalak Attack, who fuses the spirit and aesthetics of traditional South American muralism with those of contemporary street art in order to inhabit the realm of psychedelic magical realism; Bruno Smoky, whose love of tattoos, graffiti and murals helps him document underground societies in cities and towns; G. Harley Salamanca, who illustrates the transition from traditional still life painting to a more hard-edge look, through a style that can reference art history while preserving a sense of mystery; and Alejandro González, who has made significant artistic contributions during major moments of social change in Latin America, such as Salvador Allende’s presidential campaign.

The exhibit runs from Tuesday, January 26th through to Saturday, February 6th (and is not open on Sundays). Hours are: Tuesday through Saturday from Noon until 5pm.

On Friday, January 29th at 7:00 pm, join Sunfest for an opening night reception, followed at 7:30 pm by a special performance by the Alfredo Caxaj Latin Jazz Ensemble, and complemented by tasty Latin American appetizers and refreshments.

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