Jobs Board Goes Live

By on June 28, 2019

An innovative new tool designed to better connect London job seekers with London employers is now live at

Described as “the Trivago of jobs boards,” the site scans more than 20 of the region’s most popular jobs boards on an hourly basis, and pulls postings for the London area into one convenient location. Not only is this the region’s largest jobs board, but the site also serves as a jobs map. Instead of a traditional list, job postings are displayed on a map of London allowing users to browse where in the city jobs are located, along with the option to overlay nearby transit routes, childcare, and other services. 

The launch of the new website comes two days after Mayor Ed Holder declared a “jobs crisis” in London, highlighting the fact London currently has the worst Employment Rate in all of Canada. 

“We know that part of the reason we have so many not employed is that London attracts many students, as well as thousands who need our healthcare and social services expertise. The other reason, and the more concerning one, is that thousands of our residents who need work have become discouraged and have stopped searching. They need help connecting to jobs. And that’s where this new site can assist,” said Mayor Holder.

“This is by no means a silver bullet. Instead, think of this as another arrow in our quiver,” he continued. 

The site was developed by the Elgin-Middlesex-Oxford Workplace Planning and Development Board with support from a number of partners, including the City of London and the Ontario Government.

“In very simple terms, is about connections,” said Mayor Holder. “Job seekers to opportunities, families to greater financial stability, employers to growth, and our most vulnerable to hope.”

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