London Clean & Green 2014 Kickoff

By on April 16, 2014

Today, London Clean & Green partners, volunteers, sponsors and City staff gathered to kickoff the 19th annual London Clean & Green program with The 12 Days of Cleaning!

“As we begin our 19th year of this incredible partnership between City, business and citizens, the London Clean & Green program continues to be a great example of how Londoners work together and of how they embrace their environment,” said Mayor Fontana.  “London’s greatest asset is its people and Clean & Green is another hands on reason why. From getting out of the workplace to tidy up the neighbourhood, to cleaning graffiti or picking up trash down by the river – each year thousands of Londoners are active participants in Clean & Green.  Thank you to everyone who joins in this year – to the sponsors and our partners.”

The 12 Days of Cleaning focus on information and general awareness on how to prevent litter, garbage and illegal dumping from occurring. It highlights programs such as electronics recycling, safe disposal of household special waste, recycling renovation materials, reuse of clothing and tire recycling.

The 12 Days of Cleaning leads up to the annual 20-Minute London Makeover and concludes with the annual Community Cleanup Day. The 20-Minute London Makeover takes place on April 25 and encourages local businesses and institutions to get involved and collect litter and tidy up outside their place of work. The annual Community Cleanup Day on Saturday, April 26 involves the entire community with more than 40 community sponsors supporting the event and nine city locations to pick up supplies and drop off litter as well as a Thames River clean-up from 9 a.m. until noon.

Participants can register their clean-up locations and learn more about the day at the all new website – The new site offers a mapping feature allowing residents to place their cleanup locations on the map and the City can identify spots on the map that require attention.(It is not a requirement to register to participate.)

The City of London also announced the launch of the Adopt-A-Street program.  This program is a resident driven initiative that engages Londoners in caring for the streets in their neighbourhood.  “Bringing friends and neighbours together to Adopt-A-Street strengthens the connections, pride and cleanliness of neighbourhoods and ultimately the entire city,” says Janice Walter of Neighbourhood, Children & Fires Services, City of London. She adds, “It is one of the easiest city-wide programs every Londoner can get involved in and it’s at the end of your driveway or parking lot!” This program is a companion program to the Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-an-ESA programs.

London Clean & Green has evolved from a single cleanup event in 1996 to a program that extends over 70 days focusing first on cleaning up London followed by many greening events in May and June.

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