Lerners’ Support for CALA Gets Recognized

By on July 27, 2016

On June 14th CALA invited members, supporters and the community to its Annual General Meeting.  Attendees joined for an opportunity to make connections with people who are interested on the same opportunities for CALA and challenges of the rest of the Hispanic community.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.20.43 AMIzq. Margaret Bassel, Business Development Manager at Lerners;  Arturo Dominguez, CALA’s Vice-President; and Alfonso Campos Reales, Partner at Lerners and CALA’s Vice-President.

At the 2016 Annual General Meeting for Canadian Latin American Association – CALA, Lerners LLP was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation for its outstanding support and lasting contribution to the mission of CALA. “Lerners LLP recognizes the importance of community and we are so proud to see so many of our employees actively involved in over 50 different community initiatives and sponsorships” said Margaret Bassel, Business Development Manager the law firm.  Bassel added “Lerners continues to support our employees and the causes that they are passionate about”.
Bassel took Alfonso Campos Reales as an example of unity and impact within the Hispanic community. “Alfonso experienced first-hand how a supportive community can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.  His family moved to Canada when he was 10 years old.  When he arrived his family were refugees.  They had nothing and they spoke no English.  There were many obstacles they had to overcome along the way and he remembers and recognizes all of the help and support his family got from the people in their community.  Now, seeing how far his family has come, Alfonso wants to help others who are experiencing the same challenges he did and to help them through their journey” commented Bassel.
Alfonso Campos, who joined CALA as a board member in 2013 and is now Vice-President of the Board, introduced Bassel as the keynote speaker.  Alfonso joined the organization because he believed in its mission: To be a relevant resource to the Latin American community that promotes cultural identity and supports integration.  In addition to this, Alfonso hopes to raise the profile of the Latin American community in a way that supports and encourages people to achieve great things.
Alfonso’s strong desire to help people also shows in his work as a personal injury lawyer.  Alfonso recently became a Partner at Lerners LLP.  This has been a long time goal for Alfonso and we are so proud of his accomplishment achieved through hard work and dedication to his clients.  Alfonso has earned a reputation of being a great lawyer and also a great resource to the Latin American community.  His ability to navigate the complexities of the law and the insurance companies is impressive and he is also able to bridge the communication and cultural gaps. Bassel added, “We are looking forward to our continued partnership and all the great things we can accomplish together”.
George Perez, CALA’s President also said, “For a small, medium ethnic organization we manage to present a diversified programming to serve our immigrant community needs. CALA’s Board’s mandate is to expand what we already do, and bring cohesive programs that will bring us closer to our vision: A dynamic Latin American community that enriches the Canadian society. We do all this, and much more, with a very dedicated board, staff and group of volunteers, and ofcourse, our supporters”.

For more information about CALA, how to participate and get involved, you can visit www.calalondon.org

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