Become a Police Officer, the London Police is Hiring

By on December 8, 2017

The London Police is always looking for smart, caring, and hardworking people dedicated to a career in the public service. They have careers in both the civilian and policing branches of the organization and are always looking for good people to join the ranks.

“If you are ready to make a difference in our community and would like to become a Cadet, Police Constable or a Civilian member, put in your application today “, says Sergeant Darren Couling of the Recruiting Unit London Police Service.
La Jornada had the opportunity to interview Sergeant Couling about the process, the candidates and regarding the diversity among the Police Force.

Sergeant Couling, what can I candidate expect from a career in the London Police?

A wonderful aspect of policing is that an officer can have several “careers within a career.” After attending the Ontario Police College for three months, our officers spend the first five to seven years of their career on street patrol. It is there that they learn how to conduct a criminal investigation, make an arrest, prepare documents for court, and serve the citizens of London in a law enforcement capacity. Later, officers have opportunities to work on numerous specialty units such as K9 or the Emergency Response Unit, or to become a detective in our Criminal Investigations Division.

Then, who is the ideal candidate?

We love meeting with individuals who have taken the time to understand the reality of policing. While it can be an exciting and rewarding career, it can also be a difficult one at times, particularly when it comes to being exposed to trauma and negativity. Having excellent verbal and written communication skills is essential. The ability to understand and relate to all the members of our community is the foundation of being a good police officer and a good community partner. It is important that people understand that we are not looking for perfection – there is no such thing – but the ideal candidate should have a solid history of making good choices in their life and be confident they would be a great teammate and representative of the London Police Service.

Is this a difficult and long application? What is the process to join the London Police Service?

In Ontario, candidates for both our Cadet program and Police Constable positions must be either a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident. People interested in pursuing the Constable position should be aware that they need to obtain an Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Certificate through Applicant Testing Services, either before or early in the application process.

Applicant Testing Services is a private company that specializes in the delivery of pre-hire screening testing for law enforcement. This process involves a series of aptitude tests as well as a vision and hearing assessment. Candidates who apply to the London Police Service and are deemed to be competitive can expect to undergo a physical fitness test, an initial interview with recruiters, psychological testing and assessment, a selection panel with senior officers, a thorough background investigation and a medical assessment. If all goes well and the Chief approves. a job offer is given! For people who might be interested in applying for one of our civilian positions like the 911 Communications Operator, our application process doesn’t require an OACP Certificate or a medical.

Most of our readership is immigrant, newcomer or long-term residents. Please, tell us about London Police diversity?

First and foremost, we know that we are a much better police service when our members represent the community we serve. Being able to offer our services in a language someone understands is one of our fundamental goals. Police officers who reflect our community will broaden community engagement and trust which result in better service to the citizens of London

Sergeant Couling, last question: How to apply or get more information?

We encourage people to go our website and check out our “Careers” page. It offers valuable tips and advice on how to prepare for one of our rewarding careers and how to apply.



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