Prepare for possible extreme weather this week

By on October 27, 2015

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement with a major storm heading towards London. The effects of this weather front could be felt as early as this evening, and continue into Friday. Environment Canada is projecting high winds and heavy rainfall. Wednesday could see the largest impacts with a possibility of up to 50 mm of rain and winds that could gust up to 90 kilometres per hour.

The City of London is reminding residents and businesses to take precautions and to travel safely during this time frame. Weather of this nature could flood streets, basements, rivers and creeks, break tree branches, sever hydro lines producing power outages, and create slippery conditions on roads and sidewalks with rain and wet leaves.

Residents and businesses can take steps in advance to prepare.
When travelling outside, be aware of your surroundings and travel a safe distance around trees and water.
If you see downed hydro lines avoid the area and report it immediately.
If travelling by road or sidewalk, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians need to be prepared for challenging conditions with slippery roads, trails and sidewalks due to rain and leaves, and wind gusts that apply pressure to a vehicle or create visibility challenges with blowing leaves.
Check around a home or business and take action to prevent flooding, and secure items that could be moved by high winds.
Remove leaves or debris from storm drains near your home or business.

Residents can direct storm-related services calls to the following:
To report a flooded street, basement flooding or downed tree or branch call the City at 519-661-4570 between 8.30am-4.30pm, or call 519-661-4965 outside of normal business hours.
To report a downed power line, tree limbs on lines, electrical equipment that is sparking and dangerous, or a power outage call the 24/7 London Hydro emergency number immediately 519-661-5555.

The storm preparation by City crews includes clearing catch basins at key locations.

Tips from the City to avoid basement flooding are available

Families and businesses are reminded to be prepared in case of a major emergency. In such an emergency people may have to be self-sufficient for 72 hours. Information detailing how you can prepare in advance is available on the City’s website

For information about the Thames River you can view updates from the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority at

The public can view Environment Canada Alerts for the London area on its website
or to receive notices directly can follow their London area Twitter weather alert account @ECAlertON137.

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